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Who we are

Cedar Point Innovations, Inc is a family-operated business created with the intentions of innovating and improving the agriculture industry by combining management information solutions and social media, creating a unique platform that provides a new way for ranch and facility managers to monitor financials, maintain and improve operations, and run their facilities more efficiently. 

With the founder, Maggie Birrell, having grown up around animals, showing livestock in FFA throughout high school, and actively playing polo, we create software solutions with an insider's viewpoint. She envisions ideas for the software by experiencing industry deficits firsthand. 

Co-Founder Mike Birrell has been a software developer for 29 years. He leads the development process and creates the necessary platforms for us to generate the product our customers want.

We pride ourselves on being focused on the needs of our customers and see each one as an individual. 

Tiva Nose
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